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Hands Up campaign

The Wesley House has a new campaign to help those in need.

Interim executive director David Shultz says, “The hands up campaign, is a new campaign for us to help fund our Christian relief efforts." And each colored handprint on the wall, represents a different initiative within the community.

“We do a lot of things as far as the food pantry, clothes closet," he says, " but we also do other assistance for folks in need of financial assistance and this is a great means for helping support the Wesley House to keep doing that mission.”

After you give at least a $100 donation, your name will go on a hand print , to show the community how much you care.

“Blue represents the child advocacy center, the teal green represents the sexual assault crisis center. The red is for Christian relief, and the orange is for our education programs. All the four areas of agencies that we have at the Wesley House, that reach out into this community and help this community.”

To make your donation to the Wesley House, you can mail it or simply stop by the office.

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