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New honorees in MCC Hall of Fame

During this Valentines week, MCC honored eight people they love dearly by inducting them in their “Highest Flying Eagles” Hall of Fame at their annual homecoming week reception earlier today. These honorees included three former students along with five former faculty and staff.

“Life is not about the pats on the back, but life is about walking in purpose and walking on purpose. So, I just thank God for the opportunities here in the city. I love my city. I thank God for the opportunities that have been afforded to me through education and community service to really build a successful life and have a fulfilling life. When I decided to come back to school, it was Dr. Elliot and MCC that gave me the opportunity to come back and re-build my life and provide a foundation that I could take care of my family and leave a legacy for my family.” Rev. Scotty Cole, Honoree

One of the recipients, Dr. Kathy Baxter, is a stage four cancer survivor.

“I was very fortunate to have an education that included learning in different continents, and I always wanted to share that because I believe that made me a broadly educated person. I wanted all young people to be exposed to those same things.” -Dr. Baxter

MCC President Dr. Elliot says this event is one of the highlights of the school year because it gives the institution a chance to honor those who have been instrumental in continuing the success of MCC and the community as a whole.

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