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Eagle Club Recognition Breakfast

The Choctaw Area Council will be hosting a recognition breakfast, for the Boy Scouts of America.

“We are really excited, says scout executive Ken Kercheval, "This is out 10th annual eagle club recognition breakfast where we honor all our donors who give to the local boy scouts here at the Choctaw Area Council.”

The recognition breakfast takes place on the campus of MSU Meridian on Thursday Morning. And this years guest speaker is none other than pro athlete, Brian Jordan.

“This year we have Brian Jordan. We always bring in a sports speaker and Brian Jordan who played for the Atlanta Braves and also the Atlanta Falcons, played both sports. Will be our guest speaker. He will be the entertainment along with, I get to do a state of scouting for the area. So we get to inform people about scouting all our community and business leaders and it’ll just be an exciting morning.”

Although the invitation only event is not for the public, it’s a great way for donors, to give back to scouting.

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