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Meridian High School presents Emmett Till's story

A local set of cats are taking part in Black History Month: Well, the, Meridian Wild Cats. Their high school theatre students are putting together a play about Emmett Till’s life called, Tell My Story which has been written by Meridian High’s theatre instructor.

“You always hear about, and not discrediting, but Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. Ya know, the notables, but there’s always certain stories that are somewhat swept under the rug that you really just wouldn’t know about but are very significant. A lot of people think the Civil Rights Movement started with the Montgomery Bus Boycott, but it actually was started by Emmett Till. That got the Civil Rights Movement going in 1955,” says MHS’s theatre instructor Randy Wayne.

“The stage just gives everyone that feeling not only the actors and the stage crew and the director.. but it also gives the people something at home to just go back and think about it like, wow, that was truly something amazing.” -Josh Davis, “Emmett Till”, 10th grade student, MHS

Due to the large that the play had last year, this year they’ve decided to have it here at the Temple Theater.

“They’re seeing it up close, like, they see the scene transitions. They see the actors, they can probably see us dressing up in the back. To me, it’s more realistic.” -Davis

Proceeds from this show will go to benefit Meridian High and also the Wechsler foundation, since they are producing it.

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