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2018 Leadership Summit

Top students from various schools in the area and surrounding area met for the 2018 Leadership Summit. Southeast Lauderdale High School sponsored this year's event, and the theme of the summit was "the six most important decisions you'll ever make". Area schools chose their top students in leadership to attend. There were several guest speakers, including Wes Bender of the Franklin Covey Foundation.

"For the first time in about 50 or 60 years, the baby boomers are not driving our economy anymore; it's the millennials. So everybody's about the millennials because that's where the money is, that's where the economics is right now. But there's this generation of teenagers coming up behind them called Generation Z. A lot of people are calling them the pluralist generation, but a lot of them are calling them the digital natives. They do not know a world without a screen in their hand." -Wes Bender, Client Partner, Franklin Covey Foundation

Bender says studies show kids nowadays are experiencing more negative things at an earlier age-- he adds these kids at the leadership summit are jumping that curve-- and not living up to simple and low expectations culture has for them.

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