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Progressing Towards the Future!

When we look at any timeframe of history, we often think about the influential songs of that period.

“Well, I’ve often told my students when I taught student history that music reflects what was going on in that period. Since we’ve been studying the 60’s in my classroom, we’ve been going over a lot of protest songs, which kind of told the story of what was going on in the plight of the Civil Rights movement.” -Dr. Arkeco Thompson, music teacher at West Hills Elementary

Today, students at West Hills Elementary sang their hearts out to famous songs in African American history. The theme of this program being “Progressing Towards The Future”, the school teaches their students not only scholarly lessons, but some of life’s most important messages.

“It’s important for all of our students regardless of differences to understand the past in-order-to embrace the future. It’s also important that our students understand a message of love and not hate.” -Tawanda McClelland, lead teacher at West Hills Elementary

“You know, children don’t hold a grudge. They’ll fall out one minute and the next minute they’ll play on the playground as if nothing has happened. I think that we as adults can take that, look at it, and learn from that, that even though something may have been bad in the past, it doesn’t have to stay that way.” -Dr. Thompson

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