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Southeast High receives PREPS award

Southeast Lauderdale High School received two special awards this week. Preps Value Added Award was given to the high school in in U.S. History and Biology.

“What that basically says is PREPS evaluates the statistics of the area, and we outperformed what they predicted for our students social economic background.” -Russell Keene, Principal

Southeast Lauderdale is the only public school in the county to receive this award for the 2018 year.

“U.S. history teachers especially have worked really hard especially to bring our scores up. We face a lot of obstacles with students, with some of them maybe not having the resources that everyone else does. So, that’s what this award is saying is that we’re doing an outstanding job of moving our students forward to compete with other schools that may have more economic and social settings for their students. So we’re doing a good job.” -Keene

According to the PREPS website, the Preps Value Added analysis began in June 1997 and allows for valid comparisons of educational performance on the prior year’s state testing. This, while taking into account the impact of differences in the socioeconomic background of the students considered in the research.

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