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Clarkdale FFA working on a special project

While this may look like a wood-working class, this is actually the Ag. and Natural Resources class in the Clarkdale High School FFA. What are they making, you ask? Beds! They’re making beds from donated 2x4 pieces of wood and have broken the creating process down to an assembly where each student has a certain task. By the time the FFA finishes this project, they hope to make about 20 beds.

Why beds? The students got inspired from watching small segments of Mike Rowe’s new show called Returning the Favor and saw an episode where a family made a bed, posted it to Facebook, and in turn found out there was a need in the community for beds.

“When I showed that to my students it really inspired them that no kid should have to sleep on the floor, so that’s kind of where it all stemmed from.” -Toni Buchanan, FFA Advisor

“It makes you feel good because, you don’t really think about it, but there’s people in our school who don’t have beds. You come home and you just go to sleep in a bed and you don’t really think about if you didn’t have that. So making these beds for people, it makes you feel good.” -Tanner Hicks, 10th grade

The students and staff at Clarkdale soon came to realize that people in this area are also in need of beds. So far, 5 beds have been created, and the students work towards the end of class each day and plan on continuing to create a bed a day until the wood runs out.

“With FFA, part of our motto is actually living to serve, and that as a huge part of it. FFA is traditionally known as agriculture, but they have transitioned over the years that we are a full leadership organization so they’re not just learning about animals and plants. They are, but we’re also learning public speaking and giving back.” -Buchanan

The administrators and counselors at Clarkdale are currently coming up with a list of those who are in need in our area. If anyone is in need for one, they are asked to contact Clarkdale High School.

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