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New youth program opens in Meridian

A new youth center has opened in Meridian. The EMBDC held a ribbon cutting for NFusionX-Crossover Xpand, which is a youth program center designed to help anyone from ages 3 to 21. The idea behind "Crossover" in the name is that multiple systems are involved such as child protective services, alternative education, juvenile justice, mental health services, and others. The program is so that a family or youth can come in and receive multiple services through one agency.

"One thing that NFusionX- Crossover will be able to address is the gap that's identified for transitional-aged youth. Those are youth who maybe received services when they were young and then they get back into the system and receive services as adults. During those tough years in transitioning into adulthood, that's where we plan to intervene the most." -Dr. Lee Lee Marlow, Clinical Director of Children Services, Weems Mental Health Center

To receive services at NFusionX-Crossover Xpand, a referral is not needed. Their number is 601-693-3806.

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