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NAS Meridian Change of Command Ceremony

Yesterday at NAS Meridian, Commander Jason Gustin of Training Squadron Seven took the stage to pass on his duties to a new commander.

“I have to say there’s no finer people than those that volunteer to serve their country. I’ll never forget the relationships, the friendships, the people that I’ve flown with; it’s been absolutely awesome. It’s been completely awe-inspiring, and I’ll always remember them.” -CDR Gustin

Commander Gustin has been in the Navy for twenty years and looks forward to flying into a new phase of life, with retirement.

“It’s been a busy few days. It’s kind of like a wedding, like you know you’re real busy and then all of a sudden ‘what just happened’ but I’m looking forward to a little bit of down time and spending time with family and look at all the great things the new skipper is going to be able to do with the squadron because he’s got an exciting time ahead.” -Gustin

“The friends that you make, the lifetime friends that you fight with alongside with and train with and lead with, those lifelong friends that you make is the best part of my job.” -CDR Vitrella

The new commander of Training Squadron Seven, Commander Vitrella, earned his wings right here at NAS Meridian 15 years ago.

“It was an amazing feeling when I found out that I was coming back to Meridian. I was trained here 15 years ago, 2003, I got my wings here. So, to be able to come back to not only Meridian but to the same squadron that I received my wings in is just an amazing feeling. I’m very proud to be able to carry on that tradition now as a commanding officer of this squadron.” -Vitrella

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