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FARMtastic comes to Lauderdale county

Some school children took the morning journey through a Mississippi created event called, FARMtastic!

“Most kids don’t understand that pretty much everything they wear, everything they eat, and even that crayon they color with at school, comes from a farm. So, this gives us the opportunity to teach them about where the things that they use every day, come from.” -Julie White, coordinator

FARMtastic is an experimental learning activity for kids created in Starkville, MS that teaches the importance of the role agriculture plays in their daily lives.

“I’ve learned that corn can make soap, dryer sheets, diapers, hair spray, and all of this other weird stuff.” -Madilyn Allen, 4th grade, Russell Christian Academy

They travel all across Mississippi during the fall and spring semesters, hosting school groups in ag centers across the state. While FARMtastic is designed for children in hopes of also gearing them towards careers in agriculture,

“I’d rather be a fashion designer.” -Madilyn

Sometimes, teaching them to appreciate it, is enough. 😊

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