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Victim Services Resource Fair

A victimology class held its first annual Victim Services Resource Fair in honor of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, today.

“A lot of times if someone gets in a bad situation, whether it’s an abusive situation or life and death situation, a natural thing is that you have the fight or flight. You either run away, and if someone’s got you, then that option is gone.” -Phillip Hendricks, Narcotics CDR., 12th Circuit Court

Whether it’s choosing to fight or seeking refuge, the goal of this resource fair is to provide a wide range of options of organizations for victims, to seek help.

“The agencies we have here today provide all types of services; counseling services, safe houses, shelter settings, alcohol and drugs. Many times, people start out as victims and they may turn to other things to try to solve those problems, when there’s other agencies they can turn to for help.” -Tina Ladner, Victimology teacher, MSU Meridian

However, when a situation leaves a slim chance of escape knowing ways to get out, are crucial.

“When we’ve trained people before, we get them past that initial ‘freeze up/ not know what to do’ to where then they have practice makes perfect and they practice the techniques over and over, so that it’s just an initial response at that point.” -Hendricks

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