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Magnolia Middle School career fair

The Magnolia Middle School 8th graders got a chance to explore some career options today. Whether they were learning about electricity or, hitting up the DJ board and hearing how to make beats, the career fair at the Velma Young Center had plenty for all of the students to enjoy.

“Believe it or not, they’re actually part of our community, and they are our future. So, I want them to be able to reach out and gather resources, incase they need to reach out to these people who can possibly help them one day to help them become what they want to be.” -Renee Smith, academic counselor, Magnolia Middle School

At this age, with high school approaching and more responsibility, this career fair hoped to enlighten these students on making great choices now not only for their future careers, but also, in life.

“You know as well as I do that kids kind of make their own decisions a lot of times about what they’re doing, especially in regard to what they’re eating and drinking these days. So, we just want to let them know and certainly informed about how much sugar is in some of the choices that they make.” -Cristy Higdon, dental hygienist, Happy Smiles

One 8th grader who wants to go to vet school didn’t find a table for her future field, but she did take advantage of the connections this fair can offer.

“When you go to college you have to get somebody to represent you, so you might as well make some connections now to get to a good college. I like how I can learn new things because I like being challenged, and I like being pushed out of my limits, and that the most fun part. Along with my friends.” - Shrishti Srivastava, 8th grade, Magnolia Middle School

“It’s never too early for our students to start thinking about what they want to become in life. Our 8th graders actually begin earning credits towards high school graduation. So, we want them to know what they need to be thinking about and what they need to be concentrating on as far as what types of classes they need to take in order for them to pursue their careers.” -Smith

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