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Leadership Lauderdale at Care Lodge

One of the groups with Leadership Lauderdale 2018, is putting their hands and feet, to organizing.

“We’re so blessed to have such awesome community supports, and we need more shelving space for all of the donations that we receive.” -Katy Bardell, services manager, Care Lodge

As their community service project, this group is organizing the Care Lodge’s donation closets for women and children, along with organizing their basement with all the donations they have received in the past year.

“It means a lot because Leadership Lauderdale is all about learning about the Lauderdale community and giving back to the community. Each group has to do a community service project, and we chose Care Lodge because we know they do a lot for the community with domestic violence victims as far as women and children. So, we just wanted to give back to them so that the victims can have a brighter future.” -Apryl Leggett, Leadership Lauderdale

In addition, the guys in the group, have their own role.

“The guys in my group are building book cases. They’re also going to be building some hanging shelves so they can hang their shelves on, and they’re also going to build a jewelry shelf for all the jewelry that they have.” -Leggett

“We really appreciate it, and this is much needed for our agency. We just really appreciate it.” -Bardell

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