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Accomplished flutist visits Meridian

Residents of Lauderdale county gathered today at St Paul‘s Episcopal Church as flutist Amulet Strange and pianist Tyler Kemp performed before the church congregation. The idea of the music series is to bring the community together and offer relaxation through melody.

David Benson who is the chairman of the music series has been over the program for the past 16 years. He said the goal of the series is an outreach for the community.

“It is an outreach to this community to bring some quality programs and we are gratified every year of the turn out that we get from the community," Benson said.

Over the past 16 years, Benson says he is proud of the time spent at the church.

“I would have been here 17 years in July; me and my wife and I moved here from Gainsville, Florida,” Benson explained.

Tyler Kemp who is an aspiring pianist has been playing the piano since an early age.

“I’ve played piano my whole life I started when I was 4 or 5 years old,” Kemp said.

Strange says she also got her start with the flute during her childhood days.

“I’ve been playing flute not as nearly as long since I was eleven.” Strange added.

Those in attendance said they enjoyed the performance.

“Quite a flute player and she took on a real challenge today but we all enjoyed it," Benson said.

Strange and kemp say they appreciated the smaller audience for a change."

“For me, I just really enjoy the small setting where you can play with like a chamber group where you can just play with a chamber group or flute and piano it’s a lot,” Strange said.

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