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Central UMC Has Awareness for St. Jude Children's Hospital.

Residents in Lauderdale County attended a parade designed to raise awareness for all that St. Jude Hospital does for children battling cancer. the event took place at Central United Methodist Church where the annual parade was held in support of those very children diagnosed.

Glenda Thomas said

“We’ve been doing this 15, 16 years. We lost count.” Thomas added.

Parents, teachers and members of the community all came out in support of the parade. creativity was present, students were classified differently by the way they were dressed. some were astronauts and even mechanics towing in a cure for cancer.

The parade originated after a member of the church was diagnosed with cancer.

“We had another child who was a member of our church who had cancer," Thomas said.

“And we just felt the need to get in there and help," said Thomas. Rocio Jensen says

“It was great this was my first year and we had fun preparing for it.”

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