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Local ministry helps community in Reece Court Apartments following storm damage

“We gotta go, we gotta get inside and he runs in with the forklift and he heard the tornado coming. and so we all look out of the window. and we just stare out there as this roof gets ripped off and gets thrown into the front yard of our building,” Said Jeremiah Fox, co-pastor for Kindle Mission.

18 families were forced to evacuate after the tornado blew the roof off of the George Reece courts apartment homes. A local pastor and co-pastor of a new church plant named Kindle Mission banned together with nearby neighbors to assist families after this horrific disaster.

“The beautiful thing is myself and my team and councilman and different people were right there in the community and just jump on and did it. We’re pulling a roof out of the road in the middle of the rain. And the beautiful thing is it was the people. They came out of their homes immediately and helped their neighbor. There were folks running down the street saying, is everybody okay, get inside just selfless people trying to touch the community,” Titus Fleming, co-pastor of Kindle Mission said.

The Days Inn hotel accommodated those victims who lost their home while councilman Tyrone Johnson of ward 2 partnered with Kindle Mission to provide food and toiletries the rest of the Reece Courts community.

"It is my utmost responsibility that the people in my district and the businesses are taken care of," Johnson said.

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