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Meridian Little Theatre 2018/2019 season

The Meridian Little Theatre has now announced it’s 2018 to 2019 season. Earlier today, all four plays were announced at their annual season release press conference.

“They all kind of speak to a general theme of family and love and relationships are a lot more important than the monetary side of our lives.” -Ellie Massey, Exec. Artistic Director

The process by which the theatre chooses which plays for an upcoming season is their board of directors votes on five musicals and five non-musicals, then during play number three of that current season, they let their general members vote on which ones they would like for the upcoming season.

“It’s exciting, it’s entertaining, it’s fresh to the Meridian Little Theatre stage—that in itself makes it probably one of the most exciting seasons that we’ve had. None of these shows have been put on on our stage and in our area, and the amount of talent that we are expecting to see come out for these shows makes it just one of the most exciting season’s we’ve ever had.” -Scott Stevens, Board President

Now obviously all four of these shows have never been done at the Meridian Little Theatre before, but one of the really cool things about Mamma Mia is that this is the first time that its been released for any community theatre to do. So, before this, only places such as Broadway could even perform it.

The theatre is also encouraging the public to begin thinking about purchases season tickets with the benefits they bring.

“You’re basically getting an entire play for free when you sign up for season tickets. Whether it’s a first nighter season tickets or for regular shows, it’s a big, big savings. Basically, when you go for all four of your shows, you’re getting your fourth show for free with that ticket price.” -Stevens

The four plays are Singin’ in the Rain, Redneck Country Christmas, Weddings and An Elvis, and Mamma Mia!. Season tickets will be available next month and can be purchased at their website, which is

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