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Staff of Magnolia Middle school react to tornado damage

On Monday, Magnolia Middle School;class was in session and students were learning. Mrs. MCQuarley who's the principal says she is just grateful that the tornado that hit this past weekend did not occur on a regular school day.”

“There is a lot of damage that was done to the auditorium in addition to a couple of classrooms and my office area. so, was pretty much just, it’s an unexplainable feeling because you never expect anything like that to happen. “ says MCquarley.

although the storm caused damage to several areas of the building... classes went on, business as usual... thanks to the help of many volunteers.

“We had people, community members, we had our district maintenance crew to come in and to uh have the support they needed within in the community to clear up any debris that we might have had around the school in addition to contractors coming in looking at our roof making sure everything was ready for the students while we were preparing for school on today.” McQuarle