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Brahman cattle sold in Meridian

The Deep South Brahman Association is making its way to Meridian this weekend. The association is having its Brahman & F1sale, which will consist of cattle coming from Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas, as well as Florida. This sale is being hosted at the Meridian Livestock Center and will take place tomorrow at 1 p.m.

“We'll also have a nationwide audience. Not only will we have people from all over the country coming here to Meridian, but we'll also be hosting the sale online. So, there will be people not only here in the United States but maybe even around the world that are going to look and try to purchase some of these elite cattle that come from Brahman genetics." -Chris Shivers, sales manager, DSBA

Brahman cattle were created out of necessity primarily along the southern region of the U.S. because they are heat resistant, resistant to insects, and survive on lower quality feed.

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