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Teacher receives MPSD Teacher of the Year Award

In one chemistry and physics classroom at Meridian High School today, the superintendent awarded the teacher with the 2017-2018 District Teacher of the Year Award. Michelle West teaches chemistry, physics, and AP chemistry for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders at Meridian High School.

“This is my third year taking Mrs. West. I took her for honors chemistry, honors physics, and now I’m taking her for AP Chemistry. She is an awesome teacher, and I don’t think anyone else deserves this more than her.” -Zykeyah Horn, senior

“There’s so many wonderful teachers, and teaching is about a team and teamwork. It’s the relationships you build with your students and their parents and then with administrators and fellow co-workers. It’s really about working as a team to provide the best possible education for students and to really teach them how to learn and to love learning.” -Michelle West, recipient

Her students express that though her classes aren’t easy, they are worth it.

“I’ve never made a B, but I feel like I actually have to work for my A in here, and that really makes me study because I don’t have to study for many classes, but this class I really have to study for. She really makes you earn all your grades. You’re not given anything, and I love that about her.” -Horn

However, West did not originally plan on going into teaching, but is now grateful that she did.

“Actually, I didn’t want to go into teaching, but the Lord called me into teaching. So, I very quickly found that I have joy in it, and that’s one of the things I try to tell my students. Money is nice, but joy is everlasting and they need to pursue something that brings them joy and where their passion is.” -West

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