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Volunteer organizations offer support for storm relief

Last weekend a tornado tore through the city of meridian leaving a path of destruction to many homes and businesses. six days later non-profit organizations such as volunteer Mississippi and Wesley house community center are gathering up volunteers and supplying whatever support may be needed in the recovery process.

“Our mission is to make sure that volunteers are placed in the field in safe assignments; all of the resources that come into the area are distributed efficiently and safely, " Caitlin Brooking explained.

This is not the first time Volunteer Mississippi has responded to a natural disaster.

“We’ve been in existence for 25 years. next year is our 25th anniversary and we’re the state agency in volunteerism so, in addition, our primary purpose here is to receive what we call unaffiliated volunteers who are folks who may not be a part of a volunteer group already who just want to come in and help," says Brooking.

With it only being the beginning recovery phase; help from volunteers has made a huge impact but more steps must be taken

“I think we got a pretty good picture of what some of the debris clearing and tarping needs are out there and we’ve really tried to focus especially before the weekend when it’s supposed to rain on making sure folks houses are tarped their possessions are protected from the rain so that’s been kind of what our main progress as far as making sure people known where to go to request assistance," Brooking added.

"Unaffiliated volunteers can check with MCVS Mississippi commission on volunteer service at the volunteer resource center and sign up with them if they can volunteer and assist," Yates said.

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