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Public forum at MCC for presidential candidate

With Dr. Scott Elliot retiring after serving MCC for 20 years, a new candidate must take his place. Today, Dr. Paul Miller took the stage in a public forum at McCain Theatre.

“There is such a spark in the downtown area, ya know, reviving of the downtown with the Arts & Entertainment center coming in. You can see new store fronts popping up, and you see everyone involved in beautification projects. That is so encouraging there’s a spirit in the community that is ready for the next step and that is preparing for the next step.” -Dr. Paul Miller, VP for administration, EMCC

Dr. Miller touched on many topics and answered many questions, and he certainly intends on keeping a solid focus on MCC’S nursing program.

“We want to have the best standing beside our hospital beds when we’re in there, and MCC has historically provided the best. So, I would just want to do everything to make sure that all of those programs are even stronger- that they take an even more prominent leadership role in the state of Mississippi when it comes to healthcare education.” -Miller

The board will decide on the new president no later than their regular meeting in June, and the new president will begin his duties as early as July 1st.

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