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Wesley House donates to storm victims

In the week since the tornado different groups have stepped up to make a difference. a non-profit organization, Wesley community center is still making efforts to assist the community by giving out food, clothes and cleaning supplies.

“Wesley house community center is here," Schultz said. "One of the things that we offer is Christian relief and particularly this time of the tornado we are trying to work with folks, the survivors of and to offer that relief both in the short term and the long term.”

Schultz is not alone in contributing assistance to storm victims.

“We’re working with both the city, state officials, and with the United Methodist Church and other church affiliates in offering relief for folks," Schultz said.

Schultz says there are a variety of services provided to individuals who may require it.

“We’ve got clean-up buckets, we’ve got shovels, we’ve got hygiene kits, to assist those who have been displayed those who are trying to clean up the remains of their homes and as well we offer food and clothing assistance as well,” Schultz explained.

Although services are provided, more donations are needed to create those provisions.

"We’ve been able to give out food bags and we’ve been able to give out a good supply of food, we’ve got plenty of green beans and corn which we can certainly use some help with soup can meat products, macaroni, and cheese, some of the pasta products, we do have some MRE’s that came in through the red cross so we do have food available for those in need,” Schultz added.

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