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Church brings out revival for storm victims

Old Paths Baptist Church has a revival tent set up for their community outreach ministry that supports tornado victims.

The tent has been set up for three days and tomorrow will be the last day. The goal is to touch lives and help victims in the community feel at ease who were heavily affected.

“We want to invite the community out to be a part of this exciting event that’s going on. It’s at the corner of Dale Drive and Largely road in Marion Mississippi. The revival began Monday night at 7 pm and will be going on Thursday night at 7 pm. It’s open to everyone in the public we want to invite everybody out,” Mangum said.

Pastor Greg Mangum says his heart is touched by anyone affected by the storm.

“It has been impactful to me you know I can’t imagine losing things like these people have lost you know this tornado is very close to our church here, within a mile of our church we got to the church and we’re so thankful it didn’t’ damage our building here I can’t imagine the families going home finding that they don’t have any of their belongings left.”

Although it is sad that so many lost so much; Pastor Mangum knows it could have been worse.

“A lot of people have lost a lot of things but praise God we haven’t lost a life and that’s the most important thing in this community,” Mangum said.

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