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Lauderdale county to have new paving software

The board of supervisors made a decision on Monday to go into contract with a company called civil link. This company will now do a road rating system on all 900 plus miles of roads in Lauderdale county. They will film the roads, so the board can have visual representation and will also rate the conditions of the roads based on an “A, B, C, D” and so on, system. This program will then tell the board what roads need to be prioritized. The goal of the program is to get all of Lauderdale county’s roads up to a good rating.

“Just human nature, we want to go tackle ‘this is the worst road I’ve got, people are complaining, so lets go take care of that’ and while we’re doing that, our good roads are deteriorating. So, with following this program, we’ll get all of our roads in a good place. So, I’m really excited about that, because that’s our jobs as supervisors is we promise that we’re going to take our county to the next level and be more efficient, and I really believe that this program is going to do that for us and our county.” -Jonathan Wells, District 1 Supervisor

This program also keeps track of traffic on each road to inform that while one road might be in bad shape, it only has so much traffic compared to one that might not be as bad but is seeing much more traffic on a daily basis.

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