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MAX prepares for opening weekend

The Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience is now at it’s opening weekend, and the final touches are being made, and a black-tie event is set to kick off the weekend, tonight.

“The people that have supported this effort, we wanted to pay for this celebration with new support and gifts. And we’re doing that. We’ve sold 27 10,000 tables, so just to give you a sense of how important people think this is.” -Mark A. Tullos, Jr., President & CEO, MS Arts & Entertainment Experience

In an effort to create a new cultural atmosphere downtown, the MAX highlights important figures and aspects throughout Mississippi history.

“I think that this is going to be a transformative thing for Meridian. A lot of businesses will begin to build around this cultural district that we’re establishing here in the city. This museum is the spearhead of that effort. I think in about 10 years you’re going to see a totally different city with a variety of different retail operations and food and beverage organizations that have moved in downtown.” -Tullos

Tullos is most excited, about one small detail.

“We’ve never seen peoples’ reactions to it yet, and this will be first time people get to see it. So, I’m most excited to see people get to the end and then hear the reactions.” -Tullos

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