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Circuit court preps for late voter registration.

With the primary election just around the corner; those who haven’t registered to vote still have time. with the deadline only being a week away, stepping into a circuit court to get registered couldn’t be any simpler.

“We’re trying to encourage and remind everybody if you need to register to vote, if your new to meridian and lauderdale county especially if you changed your address, you need to come in and see us at the circuit clerks officer. we’re open all weekdays from eight till five, all eighty -two circuit clerks offices will be open statewide on saturday from eight until noon and the final deadline for new registration will be next monday a week from today, may the 7th.”

Before getting ready to vote it is vital to have information on any new changes that have been made.

"The new law that just has been implemented, if the deadline falls on a holiday or a Sunday, it rolls over to the next business day in this case so that’s why we're open Monday a week from today for the final deadline from 8-5pm." Says Johnson

With the election coming near, voters have the option to choose between two candidates.

"This is involving the June elections Rodger Whitaker with the Senate and Greg Harper retiring earlier and that’s replacing him with the house. these are the congressional races that will be on the June ballot." Johnson says.

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