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Meridian Little Theatre presents Young Frankenstein

“Mel Brooks even wrote all the music for it. Of course, Mel Brooks is the genius mind behind The Producers, which won every Tony award you could imagine. So, Mel Brooks doing his classic Young Frankenstein for the stage is just something that we could not resist.” -Ellie Massey, Exect. Artistic Director, MLT

Brooks’ classic, Young Frankenstein, which originally came out as a comedy horror film in 1974, is now hitting MLT’s stage for the very first time.

“After all the rehearsals that we’ve done, I still sit in the audience, and I’m still laughing at the lines and the way the guys have started to deliver things. The actors and actresses on stage are doing a wonderful job at bringing that humor every time they bring it onto the stage-- it’s wonderful.” -Massey

Performances take place through May 8th. To purchase tickets, visit the Meridian Little Theatre website at

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