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MAEEX hosts lunch and live music

Mississippi arts entertainment center just opened it’s doors but it's already a buzz of activity.

today live music was brought outdoors for residents to enjoy.

“Today is our first brown bag lunch and what we really want to do is get the community to come out and have just a lovely lunch with some live music And today we have Carey Smith local musician that everybody in this area knows and he’s a great jazz artist and so today he’s playing jazz piano for us.”

Event’s like this one are only the beginning.

“We would love to continue to have this, this is our first brown bag lunch day so it’s sort of an experiment but I love the turnout and everyone really seems to enjoy it so we do hope to continue this and maybe do this for about once a month”.

In the future there may be more of a variety of events to attend.

“Meridian does have an area with many, many local musicians and we’d like to present not just jazz but perhaps classical, you know popular rock and roll, maybe not rock and roll at lunch but really a wide variety of music types.

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