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2018 MSU Meridian commencement ceremony

Today, 144 students took their pictures and made their memories last considering they were preparing to walk across the stage as college graduates. the MSU Riley Center hosted these MSU Meridian students into their next phase of life.

“Well, I’m interested in how people think, so I decided to go into psychology, and I first thought clinical psychology because that’s what most people do, but I got interested in research. So, I want to go into the research side.” -Faith Brown, graduate

While Brown is going to continue her education at the University of Southern Mississippi in the Brain and Behavior Program, one man is ending his career in education.

“It’s kind of bittersweet. You know, on the one hand I’m really looking forward to spending more time with my grandchildren and things like that, but when you’ve invested as much of your life as I have in Meridian Community College and 33 years in higher education—you do have a little bit of remorse. But mostly it’s an exciting time.” -Dr. Scott Elliot, President, MCC

Dr. Elliot spoke to the crowd in one of his final commencement ceremonies and wished the students of MSU good luck into their new lives. The staff at MSU honored him with his own cowbell. One graduate, who is originally from the country of Georgia, reflected on her favorite experience of getting her college education here in the States.

“The atmosphere- we’re family here. It’s my second family, and I love the family atmosphere. Our teachers are so helping, and they know everything we need and they teach us everything we need.” - Mariam Khmaladze, graduate

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