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Clarkdale FFA hosting elementary students

Testing has been going on at schools all across the county, and one school is doing things a little differently, in order to have some fun. The high school students with Clarkdale’s FFA program invited some elementary students to their barn on campus to learn about the animals before the school year officially comes to an end. The kids rotated between games and visiting each group of animals within the barn, while learning about them from the high school students. These elementary students have been doing testing for the past three days and learning about the animals and playing games is a way for the FFA to give back and to teach.

"The biggest thing is, a lot of consumers don't know where their food comes from or how they get it. So, having a barn on campus and having the animals and activities available for students-- we can teach them at a young age what they are consuming, where it comes from, how it affects them, and how it affects our economy." -Toni Buchanan, advisor- Clarkdale FFA

The barn that is on Clarkdale’s campus is being built by the FFA high schoolers and has been built by them from the ground up over the past two years.

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