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Mama and Me Yoga at The MAX

From toe touching to simply relaxing, Mini Maestros this week at The MAX was called Mama and Me Yoga.

“For moms, yoga is excellent. It is a great stress reliever, also intertwined with using your body and your muscles for self-health and just a little bit of relaxation and breaking away from the day and the to-do list.” -An-Howard Hill, yoga instructor

Every Monday, The MAX offers an activity for parents and their kids, and this week they wanted to do something special for mothers since Mother’s Day is this weekend. One mother, who attended Mini Maestros for the first time last week, enjoyed it so much with her son that they couldn’t resist attending today’s yoga class.

“Just taking time to relax throughout the day; like I said, I’ve never done yoga before until today. So, I think it would be fun to incorporate it in our day, since I am home with my kids. We’re always looking for fun activities to do.” -Emily Thompson, mother

The instructor took the class through lots of stretching, meditation, and deep breathing to bring as much fun as possible to the kids and their moms.

“Kids are great to get involved in yoga really early, because they learn the importance of taking care of their bodies, being kind to their bodies. A huge aspect of yoga is listening to your body, and the younger you can learn that the better off you will be. It’s also great for kids to relax too to break away from the day-to-day and the everyday routines.” -Hill

Hill claims yoga is used for many different types of therapy and that is a great overall practice to incorporate into a family’s daily life.

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