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Dedication ceremony for Dr. Scott Elliott

Today at Meridian Community College, many gathered for the dedication of Elliott Hall. After twenty years of serving as president of MCC, Dr. Scott Elliott will officially retire on June 30th.

“I guess I’m just proud that we survived my twenty years, because I was president here during a time when it was kind of a recession. I’m proud that we never had to lay anybody off, that we continued to accomplish good things in the face of dwindling resources if you will. And I hope we’re back on the upswing as far as that is concerned and that the next president won’t have to deal with that so much.” -Dr. Scott Elliott

Not only was not a single staff member laid off during his twenty-year career, but the budget of the college more than doubled, along with building up a successful nursing program.

“Emotionally this has just kind of been overwhelming for me. I’ve spent almost a third of my life in association with this premiere college and to have my family name on one of its buildings is something that I never dreamed might happened. I feel its undeserved really, but nonetheless, it’s appreciated.” -Dr. Elliott

After the dedication, everyone took a tour of the hall that can hold 96 beds and is on the east side of campus near College Park.

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