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First Meridian Master Plan meeting

While Meridian has a lot of vintage aspects to it, the city is planning on enduring a lot of modern changes. Last night at city hall, a public meeting was held for the unveiling of the Meridian Master Plan.

“I think number one: people need to be real about how they feel about things. During the vetting of this, we want positive and negative comments. That’s what we received tonight and we’ll continue to receive. Once we move forward with a plan, obviously the optimists are going to do much better than the pessimists.” -Bob Luke, LPK Architects

During the meeting, a slideshow was shown that broke down the plan into different areas that tackled different aspects of the plan such as what to do with parking, infrastructure issues, and what positive things the city has to offer and to move forward with.

“So, a big part of what this is, is growing, stabilizing, and protecting our local businesses. And, yes, that may mean competition, but it’s healthy competition. So, we’re looking at taking care of those people at home, but we’re also looking at bringing in more people. The more opportunity we have, the more business there is for everyone.” -Luke

Luke claims, in terms of parking, that there is actually an abundance of parking and that the city has to look at orientation, traffic flow, signalization, metering, and enforcement.

There will be information available at city hall for people to come and look at, along with postings on a website in which feedback from the public will be able to be given.

“I can tell you, we’re in a competitive society. We have peer benchmarking that we’re doing with competitive cities, and the cities that work together and play together will win together.” -Luke

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