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Grandparents meet for Any Given Child

Local grandmothers gathered at the MSU Riley Center today for refreshments and conversation.

Any Given Child is about to prepare for its third year here in Meridian, and these ladies came together to talk about how they can get involved.

Dr. Charlotte Tabereaux with the riley center wrote a 50 page application to the Kennedy Center in Washington DC for the Any Given Child program to be a part of Meridian, and it was the 23rd city in the nation to get this initiative.

Any Given Child is a program in which the John F. Kennedy center of the Performing Arts partners to assist communities in developing a plan for expanded arts educations for their local schools and ensuring access and equity for all students.

“We want our children to have the arts in their lives so that they can have fun, get engaged with whatever the teacher is teaching, engagement is critical to learning, and love to learn because then they’ll enjoy what they’re doing. Even if the teacher says let’s write a song about this history event, say, the civil war, then they’ll say they can do that. So, then they’ll write their own song, sing it, and then they’ll remember it on the test.”

This collaboration includes Mississippi State, members of the Meridian community, local educators, and the Kennedy Center.

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