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Poll workers prep for election

The upcoming election is nearly here and to make sure everything runs smoothly, poll workers were put through their paces.

"What we’re going to go over is all of the main duties that all workers will have to go through on election day, things like getting a voter in, checking their ID, actually allowing them to cast a ballot, how to start up the scanner machines, how to close them down,processing through absentees, it’s just a long list of things that the election workers will have to do on election day," Jeff Tate explained.

Today's training at the Tom Delaney Center gives everyone a chance to brush up on their skills or learn the ropes if they are new.

"We like to have training once a year because it is required by state law to do that but also just to refresh on all the things that go into an election because we like to get this election right, we like to pride ourselves in having a fair and honest election here in Lauderdale County," Tate said.

Tate says training helps improve the overall operation during the elections.

"It helps out tremendously because, of our elections, we’ve had no challenges of our elections. there have been statewide elections where several counties have been documented irregularities and discrepancies but that’s just not the case here in Lauderdale County and we’re proud of that." Tate added.

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