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Church has big plans for new building

Two local pastors are looking to kindle a new type of worship within the community. Titus Fleming and Jeremiah Fox of Kindle Mission Church have just been given a new building off 14th street in downtown Meridian.

“One of the things we would like to accomplish here is give the kids the opportunity to grow as artist. You know, whether it be as a lyric artist in singing or rap, or if they have a dream to play the guitar or piano, or the bass, or the drums. We have people who would like to teach young people how to grow as well as offer a recording studio in to not only master their craft but to share it with their friends and family.” -Titus Fleming, pastor for Kindle Mission

The building used to be a guitar factory and already has spaces for things such as sound studios. Kindle Mission hopes to not only give young people in that area a craft to take home, but also a joy in their hearts that they can take into their community as well.

“The best way to express how we would describe the mission of Kindle Mission, would be if say you came to Kindle Mission and experienced our service and you decided to help us do something within Kindle Mission—that would be an extension of what Kindle Mission does. Because everybody has something in their life that was given by God to do, and we want to express that through Kindle Mission.” -Jeremiah Fox, pastor for Kindle Mission

The church plans to bridge where they claim is a gap within this part of Meridian, and to give people a place to hang around.

“Our heart when coming here was to set people in the understanding that they are not the problem, but the answer to a problem and our heart was to send people out as missionaries to their community. That no longer the church would see people as a problem but an answer to a problem and a solution to their community.” -Fleming

They plan to have some parts of the church ready for use by the end of the summer and currently meet at 208 Fifth Avenue at 7pm on Tuesdays and Fridays and at 10:30am on Sundays.

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