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Meridian Fire Department partnering with American Red Cross to install free smoke alarms

The Meridian Fire Department has received a federal grant from FEMA and will be partnering up with the American Red Cross to install free smoke alarms. Tomorrow, the Red Cross will have volunteers who will be installing them in around 25 homes in the Meridian area. Last weekend, the Red Cross made phone calls and came up with a list of who might need the smoke alarms.

“Obviously, smoke alarms help you. They’re made for where you sleep. You don’t want them in the kitchen, and you don’t want them anywhere that you might not be asleep. You need smoke alarms to wake you up incase of a fire. The early detection is really crucial.” Jason Collier, Fire Marshall

This particular grant comes up every year for the fire department, but this is the first year that they have received the grant for smoke alarms.

The fire department does have more smoke alarms that can be installed, so if you or someone else is in need, contact the fire station downtown at 601-485-1822 and they will schedule a time to come and install them.

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