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Citizens National Bank donates paper to local schools

With the school year coming to an end all across the area, one bank in Clarke county is looking to make a difference.

“We wanted to help out the local schools. My wife is a teacher, and I know my boss’s wife is a teacher as well. A lot of the time teachers are taking it out of their own pocket to buy school supplies, so if we can help out in any way, we’d love to be a part of our community.” -Lance Burnham, branch manager, Citizens National, Quitman

Being inspired by the work of their wives and all teachers within the community, Citizens National Bank in Quitman simply wants to give back and help prepare these teachers and schools for the upcoming school year.

“People don’t realize the amount of time and effort that teachers give, but then when they start preparing their classrooms, a lot of that money comes out of their own pockets. You get a little bit, and the district is about to distribute some, but the amount of money and the amount of financial stuff that comes from a teacher’s own pockets to prepare their classrooms is tremendous.” -Josh Perkins, Superintendent, Enterprise

After first visiting Enterprise, the guys from the bank headed on over to Quitman to donate paper there, as well.

“It is a wonderful resource for us. Our teachers give an awful lot out of their own pockets throughout the year, and for the community and the businesses to support us in our endeavors, it is such a blessing. It is such a wonderful resource for us to have.” -Emily Gibson, counselor, Quitman Upper Elementary

“Enterprise and Quitman—they’re both schools in Clarke county, and we want to be a team. Our bank, we want to be part of our community. The schools are part of the community, so we want to help out.” -Burnham

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