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Meridian hosts Memorial Day service at downtown courthouse

Retired veterans, those currently serving, and civilians came together earlier today to honor the fallen who have given their lives for America’s freedom.

“As a military service member, you sign on a dotted line. It is a blank check up to and including your life. Many people don’t appreciate the fact that even though that may not be called upon to them, they still agree to it. Whatever conflicts they serve and regardless of the political reasons why, it’s not their choice to make. They go where their government and their officers above them tell them to go.” -Terry Pankhurst, retired Lt. CDR., U.S. Navy

Guest speaker Terry Pankhurst spoke about the sacrifice and the small amount of those that actually join the military. There are a total of 1.8 million currently serving in the U.S. Military, and 5.7 percent of the country’s population in total are serving or have served.

“Take a moment to remember why we have our freedom, because as it’s been said many times and is very true, freedom isn’t free—it has a price. And many have given the ultimate sacrifice for it. We need to remember that when we’re out with our BBQ’s and staying with our family, that someone has gone through the trouble of earning that for them.” -Pankhurst

During the service, a list of names of fallen military members were read out loud in-order-to keep their memory alive and remembered.

“I strongly believe that if we keep of the names of the people stated every single year, then their lives have value and meaning and will always have value and meaning. They made a great sacrifice in giving their lives in combat for us to be able to be free here in America. That’s important to us, and we need to realize that, respect that, and remember that.” -Ken Storms, U.S. Navy, retired

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