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Builders For Christ works on church in Enterprise

A group of builders are working on a big project for Enterprise Methodist Church in Clarke county.

“We usually work on Baptist churches since that’s our denomination, but it’s all about God’s children and working for them and doing what they ask us to do.” -Jay Heffron, team member

Builders For Christ is an organization which started here in Lauderdale county and has since expanded. People from Louisiana, Oklahoma, and North Carolina are also out here with locals working to rebuild this church after it burned down.

“It’s a whole new family. It’s just a family I look forward to seeing every year. I’ve been going 27 years, and I’ve learned a lot of construction. I’ve gotten into building homes. I’ve built 4 or 5 homes just because of learned things over the years on how to build and how to construct.” -Heffron

For the first week in June, Builders For Christ set out to rebuild a church. The Methodist church here in Enterprise has had a few setbacks in its history.

The church first started gathering in the 1800’s with the first building being built in 1936. That building burnt in 1939 and then that building burned in 2016, which leads us here today. Both burnings happened in the month of January.

“This isn’t just about building buildings, it’s about leading people to Christ. It’s advancing the kingdom of God is really what it is. Some people think it’s just hammers, nails, and boards, and it is construction but primarily we’re about getting the word of God, the Gospel, to lost people. That’s what we’re here for. It’s not just a building project per say, it’s more than that.” -Mike Crysel, team member

This team will be leaving later this week, and another team will come in, after that. The church is set to hopefully be finished by Easter of next year.

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