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Local filmmaker finds success in his second feature

When becoming a filmmaker, there are numerous responsibilities from hiring a production team, actors, checking audio. This job doesn’t come easy, especially when reaching a goal of targeting a specific audience. Randy skinner is one of several filmmakers whose mission is to bring ministry in front of a camera lens, but this is not the first film production Skinner has put together.

"Actually, my first film was created about four years ago and of course, it wasn’t a feature film, it was a short film it was only 18 minutes long," Skinner said.

Although the film was limited on time, so much occurred in the minutes.

"So, I knew I was going to do a short film and I knew it involved a grocery store and so it was about a little girl wandering around in the grocery store looking for a quarter to buy a stuffed animal that had a flower on it," Skinner explained.

According to Skinner, planning post-production for this project wasn’t easy.

"We had to get a live grocery store, we got a cast, and we went and filmed it," Skinner said.,

According to Skinner, he took a lot of time to ponder the notion of filmmaking.

"I couldn’t figure out what it was I was supposed to be doing with my life and so I prayed and meditated and it was revealed to me, I believe by the spirit that you’re supposed to be doing this,” Skinner explained.

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