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Juneteenth festival underway

Juneteenth is a day of celebration for African Americans as well as all races to come together and be thankful for freedom. President Lincoln declared the emancipation proclamation and that came into effect nearly one hundred and fifty years ago.

“Juneteenth activity has been taking place in Meridian for such a long time if not mistaken it’s probably over twenty-five years starting on the fifth street in the black historic district and now it’s moving to this year on city hall lawn,” Said Terrence Davis.

Davis says Juneteenth is not just any ordinary festival.

“Juneteenth is very, very important to celebrate, this is our African- American history, this is the African American day of freedom since the 1865 proclamation proclaiming the emancipation of slavery Juneteenth has always been something that’s in the city and in the culture,” Davis said.

Although this festival launched years ago, changes had to be implemented to ensure an even larger turnout.

“What we’re doing this particular year is we’re actually acknowledging all of the contributions from the African American history as well as the African-Americans that are in our community who are making a difference," Davis explained.

This celebration occurs once a year and there will be plenty of entertainment to go around according to Davis.

“Something is happening the entire day, it’s the day for family, fun, music, vendors, and we have something lined up for everyone, “ Davis said.

Davis says before the event is over he hopes participants will have something to take with them for a lifetime.

“We think that anytime we can come together and embrace each one of our legacy, our culture, we’re always unifying that way because we are being sensitive from where we’re coming from and where we’re going, this always brings unity within the community as well as the city as a whole, “ Davis added.

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