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MFD investigates apparent suspicious fire

Early Tuesday morning, Meridian fire fighters responded to a call at One-twenty Sixty- Second Avenue, where a home was engulfed in flames. Fire fighters took action by extinguishing the flames, but soon believed the fire was not accidental.

“The fire appeared suspicious, we began an investigation and we’re able to determine that there were two points of origin, meaning that there were two separate fires that were set on either side of the house; the cause of the fire is either arson and is intentionally set, the crime is arson, and we’re looking for people that may have seen or know about who might of done it.”

Collier said they were able to quickly identify what started the fire.

“It looks like just ordinary combustibles that possibly you know, just a lighter, or matches and maybe some paper, or maybe some cloth, doesn’t appear that any ignitable liquids like gasoline or anything was used. “

Although no trace of liquid combustibles was used in the fire, major destruction was still caused, due in-part to the structural stability of the home.

“The house wasn’t in the greatest shape, it was a really old house, so it was already not completely dilapidated, but it was already in bad structural condition, and so the fire caused even more damage to it.”

The investigation continues for any suspects involved in the blaze.

"We haven’t named any official suspects or anything like that yet, we’re working on a couple of leads, and we’re asking people to call crime stoppers.”

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