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New animal hospital opens in Meridian

Furry loved ones here in Meridian now have a new place to come when they’re sick or when they need a check-up.

“We have a motto at the boarding facility that says we love them like our own, and we really do. We spend tons of time with them, more than just feeding and taking care of them then leaving. They get played with and loved on, so we definitely want to incorporate that same motto into this clinic.” -Dr. Sha Harper, owner

The EMBDC hosted a ribbon cutting earlier today for the North Meridian Animal Hospital. The owner, Dr. Sha Harper, who is a native of Meridian, bought the kennel next door to the clinic around 3 years ago. The kennel and the clinic sit on around 18 acres of land.

“The ones who’ve come over here for vet work that have stayed at the boarding facility with us seem to just run on in the door like it’s no big deal. They just think it’s an expansion of where they’ve been playing. That makes us feel good because as a vet you do care for animals and you don’t always want to be the one doing things that they don’t want you to do. So, it can be positive even if they don’t feel good or even if it is a surgery or whatever.” -Dr. Harper

Dr. Harper spent 21 years away from Meridian, graduated vet school in 2002, and mainly worked on race horses in central Florida.

“The older you get the more you kind of want to get back to your roots, and I know this is a smaller town than some of the towns I’ve lived in, but there’s a lot of people here that I love. So, I thought if I’m going to be permanently somewhere and finally own something instead of just a mobile practice, that I wanted it to be here.” -Dr. Harper

The clinic and the kennel is located just off HWY 39.

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