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Leadership Lauderdale has ceremony for 2017-2018 graduates

For over 16 years, the East Mississippi Business Development Corporation has been educating and bringing out the best community leaders Meridian and Lauderdale County could ask for. Today, the newly found community leaders lives changed, by graduating from the leadership Lauderdale program, which afforded them the opportunity to build relationships with the community and impact lives.

"My future plans are to stay connected with my community, and also serve, and give back to the community, this is just a foundation that was established for us to do that, so my class plans is to stay together and to continue to do community service projects.”

Graduate Kyle Ladner says this program will always have meaning throughout his daily life.

“It’s very important to me because we went through the seven habits to where we now learned the principles of effectiveness and leadership, but it’s very important to me and I learned a lot, a great deal from it.”

Ladner is one of many graduates who says, he has better time management skills than prior to starting the program.

“So it’s helped me to prioritize my schedule, it has helped me to be more effective with my time from those habits of what I learned in Leadership Lauderdale."

Kasey Norton says, if it were not for leadership Lauderdale, she would not know about the environmental concerns in the community, and ways to improve in them.

“It shows you what it’s all about, and all the different infrastructures, the school systems, the health systems, just jobs, it’s really interesting and it’s nice to be aware of that now, and now, we’ve got to create ways, and strive to keep creating ways to help to help serve.”

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