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Local church to host Jazz event

One local church is trying to reach the community in new ways. St. Paul United Methodist Church will be hosting their first ever Jazz on the Lawn event which will feature two local jazz bands and various vendors. It will take place on the front lawn of the church and the public is encouraged to bring picnic blankets and lawn chairs. A food truck will also be available. The senior pastor is new to the Meridian community, he views jazz as a special way to bring all kinds of people together to meet and share the church's main message.

“It takes instruments that normally don’t associate with one another. A saxophone that’s typically played with a band is joined with a piano, which is a classical instrument, and yet it operates individually and makes the most beautiful music together along with the drums. So, that’s kind of what jazz represents—the beloved community and what the core of the Gospel speaks where everyone in their individuality can come together and make beautiful music, and that’s what we’re hoping to reflect.” Said Rev. Eugene Boger.

The event will happen in the evening of June 30th from 5 to 7:30 and is completely free.

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