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Meridian Museum of Art to close for renovations

“Ya know, we only have a few art museums in the state of Mississippi, and we’re very privileged to have this one here in Meridian.” -Kate Cherry, Exec. Dir.

The Meridian Museum of Art has been a big, cultural piece of Meridian for decades, and now, it is about to get a fresh look. The sub-flooring will be replaced along with the carpet being stripped and replaced by hard-wood flooring. The yarn walls will be repainted with the color that is set to match the theme of the artwork within each room, and the stairs will be sanded and re-stained, as well.

“Well, the revitalization downtown has brought on a lot of it. We just felt that we needed to re-fresh everything and make everything look as best as we possibly could.” -Cherry

With the MAEX opening and the new Children’s Museum coming soon, Cherry says this is the perfect opportunity to fix up something as important as this museum.

“Well, we’ve been here nearly 50 years. So, we’re one of the cultural aspects of the city. We’re open five days a week, so individuals visiting can come visit at least during those 5 days or by appoint. We’ve just been a very huge institution for Meridian and the surrounding area.” -Cherry

The museum is set to re-open towards the middle of August with brand new, permanent artwork displayed downtown.

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