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Anderson Regional Cancer Center receives donation

Today is a good day for the Anderson Regional Cancer Center. The Clarke County Standing Together Against Cancer Organization decided at the beginning of the year to have the Cancer Center Benevolence Fund to come and give a presentation.

“We wanted to do something where our people locally would benefit from it. So, during the presentation they gave us we found out that this fund was able to help local people with a lot of different things that insurance might not cover. If they were treated at the cancer center, then they have the opportunity to look at this fund to see if they would qualify from it.” -Troy Drew Clarke County Standing Against Cancer committee member

The organization in Clarke county managed to raise $14,068 for the Anderson Regional Cancer Center.

“This is a phenomenal thing to know that the people in the community, Clarke county, have banded together to come together and support our cancer patients. We see many, many cancer patients who are in need of things that insurance may not cover. So, people coming together and supporting the Cancer Patient Benevolence Fund is such a great thing for our cancer patients.” -Wayne Herrington, Anderson Regional Cancer Center

According to the cancer center here, this donation is a huge help because in Meridian alone there are 650 new cancer cases each year.

“A lot of patients have needs of nausea medicines, anti-nausea medicines that insurance may not pay for.. wigs, prosthesis-- A lot of things that the patients need to make their cancer journey a little easier. Knowing that the community comes together and stands together to help these cancer patients, it just means the world.” -Herrington

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